Wholesale Australian Bluefin Tuna available worldwide

Chef holding fresh Bluefin Tuna

At Dinko Seafoods, we sell wholesale Australian Bluefin Tuna direct to customers worldwide.

You can be guaranteed of the quality and flavour when you buy our sashimi-grade, Australian-farmed Bluefin Tuna direct from the source.

Enjoy the decadence of Southern Bluefin Tuna

Rich, decadent and flavoursome, our Southern Bluefin Tuna (also known as SBT) products feature at restaurants around the world.

Available for wholesale purchase as steak, portions, loin or whole fish, our Southern Bluefin Tuna is highly prized for its superior culinary quality.

At Dinko Seafoods, we pride ourselves on using innovative tuna farming practices and techniques that capture the flavour and freshness of the fish.

“The Bluefin Tuna loins from Dinko Tuna are the best I have experienced in my 37 years as a chef. The packaging allows for ease of storage and use within the kitchen. The consistency of the product is second to none; we can produce fresh dishes all year round. I have no hesitation in recommending the bluefin tuna; you will not be disappointed.” ~ Kris Blunder, Chef/Owner, Del Giorno’s, Port Lincoln, SA.

Sustainable Bluefin Tuna

We have been farming Southern Bluefin Tuna from the pristine waters of the Eyre Peninsula on the coast of South Australia since 1992.

Dinko Lukin, our founder, was a pioneer in the industry and dedicated his life to ensuring a sustainable supply of Bluefin Tuna for future generations.

We continue his legacy with our commitment to sustainability.

We adhere to strict industry quotas to keep tuna stock levels healthy, and at every stage of the tuna farming process, we adhere to environmental best practices.

From the time we head out in our fishing vessels to when we process the tuna at our state-of-the-art facility, quality and safety are paramount.

That’s why we use our innovative tuna farming process to capture wild-caught tuna and feed them to increase their fat content and weight before harvest. This keeps the numbers that we take from the wild in check and means that we can produce a superior quality seafood product.

Freezing luxury

Our focus on innovation flows through every corner of our business. It’s what led to our super-freezing method, which allows us to offer you the freshest Bluefin Tuna fish anywhere in the world… all year round.

Frozen within hours of harvest, our tuna retains its flavour, colour and texture. By using the super-freezing technology, we don’t rely on any heavy gases to preserve the fish and we eliminate the need for preservatives and additives. So, when you defrost our Southern Bluefin Tuna, it looks, tastes and feels fresh caught today.

Whether you buy tuna during the harvest period from April to July or at any other time of the year, you will always get the same consistent quality.

“The quality of the Bluefin Tuna and King Prawns is consistently awesome, as if they’ve come fresh from the sea, allowing our chefs to create a variety of dishes. The freshness of the tuna sashimi is regularly complimented, and the packaging allows for easy storage.” ~ Jessica Teoh, Director, Pacific Sea Urchin, Waverley VIC.

Make a sustainable seafood choice

As pioneers in global tuna farming practice, we use a self-managed and sustainable approach to all our processes. Passionate about ensuring a sustainable future for the fish we farm, our fishing practices are all about sustainability – we want many generations to come to enjoy them as much as we do.

The result for you is a premium quality product every time.

All Dinko Seafood products are stored in our vacuum-sealed cryovac bags, then packed and transported in styrofoam eskies at -60 degrees Celsius.

While we sell Dinko Seafood products at wholesale prices, small orders can become expensive when these specialised transport costs are added. To enjoy better value for money, we recommend placing orders of 5kg or more.

To make a wholesale order, contact us today.