Freezing decadence: frozen Bluefin Tuna

Different packaging of Bluefin Tuna hamper

Southern Bluefin Tuna has long had a reputation as one of the most luxurious seafoods on the planet. Its high-fat content, rich colour and melt-in-your-mouth texture have made it a valuable commodity, particularly in the Japanese sashimi market.

Increasing the allure of this ‘Wagyu of the sea’ is its limited availability; not only are there strict quota limits on fisheries to ensure sustainability, but the fishing season is also relatively short. That’s where Dinko Seafoods and frozen bluefin tuna step in.

Ship and boat harvesting tuna

A focus on innovation

True innovators in the industry, our South Australian-based Dinko tuna farmers are renowned for pioneering the tuna ‘ranching’ method, where we capture the juvenile tuna in the wild and raise them to maturity in the ocean before shipping them to market.

But our focus on innovation did not stop there. In more recent years, Dinko Seafoods has invested millions of dollars into developing a custom facility that uses -60 degree Celsius freezing technology so that we can offer Southern Bluefin Tuna all year round.

Our Managing Director, Lukina Lukin, spent three years finding new technologies and models of production that would offer sustainable freezing, while maintaining the flavour and freshness of this delicacy.

Worker putting the Tuna supply inside the freezer

Cryogenic technology

Our Dinko Seafoods team has a commitment to quality, sustainability and innovation at every stage of the process.

Firstly, we begin the harvest as late in the season as possible. This ensures that the wild Southern Bluefin Tuna we ranch have matured, while also minimising the ranching time.

Ranched in pens out in the ocean off Port Lincoln, at Dinko Seafoods we keep minimal stocking densities and a reduced ranching period, to ensure the Southern Bluefin Tuna are in perfect condition.

And their diet is just as wild, too. A nutrient-rich diet of fresh, wild-caught sardine feed ensures the fish double in weight before harvest. Lukina Lukin says the investment in organic, fresh feed for the tuna keeps the flavour and texture as similar to wild fish as possible.

Once harvested, we portion the tuna into four loins, with each pack containing a top and bottom loin from either side of the fish. This is where the cryogenic freezing system comes into play.

Similar to the ‘snap-freezing’ process, the cryogenic freezing system takes approximately 45 minutes for fresh fish to be entirely frozen. Importantly, the fish are frozen within hours of harvest, using super-freezing (-60 degrees Celsius) technology. This unique process ensures we maintain the highest integrity of the flesh, without the need for nasty heavy chemicals, such as CO2 gases, to preserve the fish.

By minimising cell damage, this process maintains the culinary integrity, with the tuna retaining its perfect texture, colour and flavour, so consumers can enjoy the famed delicacy all year round.

“The result is a Southern Bluefin Tuna product that is homegrown, exceptional quality and sustainably farmed,” Lukina says.

Different packaging of Bluefin Tuna

Packed and delivered

All tuna products, as well as Dinko Seafood prawns and sardines, are stored in our vacuum-sealed cryovac bags and transported in styrofoam eskies at -60 degrees C, so our customers get the freshest seafood.

While we sell Dinko Seafood products at wholesale prices, small orders can become expensive when these specialised transport costs are added. To enjoy better value for money, we recommend placing orders of 5kg or more.

Our Southern Bluefin Tuna (also known as SBT) products are simply irresistible and available for purchase as steak, portions, loin or whole fish.

Ready to put straight in the freezer or thaw if you’re ready to use, when you order our fresh seafood, you can rest assured it is free of all preservatives or additives. It looks, tastes and feels as if we caught it fresh today!

Whether you buy our seafood during the harvest period from April to July or at any other time of the year, you will always get the same consistent quality.

Knife slicing fresh Tuna

Make a luxurious seafood choice

And if you’ve got lots of family and friends to feed, why not try our seafood hampers? Bringing together a wide selection of delicious tuna cuts and Spencer Gulf Prawns, our seafood hampers are perfect for those who simply can’t get enough of our fresh seafood.

Once you place an order, we’ll pack it and ship it on the first available flight (if required). Generally, we will deliver your order within 3-5 days of purchase.

To make a wholesale order, contact us today.