Succulent and rich in flavour, our Southern Bluefin Tuna (also known as SBT) products are simply irresistible. You can purchase our Bluefin Tuna products as steak, portions, loin or whole fish.

Rich in flavour and luxurious in texture, Southern Bluefin Tuna is highly prized for its superior culinary quality.

At Dinko Tuna, we pride ourselves on using innovative tuna farming practices and techniques that capture the flavour and freshness of the fish.

Bluefin Tuna Loin

Each pack of Dinko sashimi-grade Southern Bluefin Tuna contains an akami (top) and toro (bottom) loin. And because we use our innovative super freezing technology to lock in their ocean fresh flavour and quality, you can get this product all year round.

Bluefin Tuna portions

Our Southern Bluefin Tuna portions are frozen as fresh, sustainably farmed and bursting with flavour. Serve it in a poke bowl or make a sushi roll; however you eat it, you’ll love the moreish taste!

Bluefin Tuna steak

Dinko Bluefin Tuna steak will be cut at your request or can be purchased in pack sizes of 150-250g. The fish is frozen and fresh, so it is available to you any time of the year.

Bluefin Whole tuna

We harvest Southern Bluefin Tuna each year from April to July. You can purchase the tuna as a whole fish during those months. The weight of the tuna varies from 15 – 25kgs.

A sustainable choice

Dinko Tuna is proud to be certified sustainably managed by Friend of the Sea. From the early days of our business, we have led the way in sustainability in the Australian Southern Bluefin Tuna fishing industry.


Spicy Bluefin Sushi Roll

Spicy Bluefin Sushi Roll

Our Southern Bluefin Tuna perfectly sets up a succulent and creamy textured tuna base to complement the sharp and spicy flavours in the sushi roll. Fire up your tastebuds!

Bluefin Tuna Sashimi

Bluefin Tuna Sashimi

This crowd-pleasing Bluefin Tuna sashimi recipe is the perfect way to showcase the quality and flavour of our premium sashimi-grade sustainable Southern Bluefin Tuna.  

Bluefin Tuna Salad Poke Bowl

Bluefin Tuna Salad Poke Bowl

Enjoy the delicate silky texture of raw Southern Bluefin Tuna in a wholesome poke bowl. Packed with salad greens and vegetables, it’s easy to whip up for a healthy weeknight dinner winner.


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