We have been fishing for Spencer Gulf King Prawns for more than fifty years. We sell our MSC certified, European Union accredited prawns throughout Australia and export overseas.

We harvest Spencer Gulf King Prawns during the months of November and December, and from March to June each year… but thanks to our frozen onboard technology you can purchase our product all year round.

Men cleaning the prawns

Supporting the industry

From our early days as Southern Bluefin Tuna farmers, we have always had a commitment to the industries we work in. From our pioneering method for farming fresh Southern Bluefin Tuna, we are always looking for ways to support the industry and drive change.

We harvest our Spencer Gulf King Prawns on selected nights throughout the year, dependent on the moon phase. Regular surveys of fishing areas allow us to assess the sizes of the prawns. If the prawns are too small, we close that area of the water and find an alternative location with larger-sized prawns.

Self-managed fishery is regarded as the best fishery in Australia, if not the world. The result is a premium product and a sustainable supply for generations to come.

Men freshly harvested prawns

Direct to the public

At Dinko Seafoods, we have cut out the middleman, so you can get access to fresh, premium Spencer Gulf King Prawns direct from the fishermen. This supports the industry with fairer pricing and gives you access to the fresh product, at the best price.

Our prawns are snap frozen on board the vessel they are caught on, so they are frozen as fresh. When you freeze anything fresh – meat, vegetables or seafood – when it’s frozen fresh it maintains its freshness.

What you will find with our Spencer Gulf King Prawns is a soft and sweet meat that is delicious to eat.

Boxes of Frozen king prawns

Spencer Gulf King Prawn grades

Our Spencer Gulf King Prawns are available in the following sizes, both cooked and raw for all sizes:

  • U6 – Jumbo
  • U8 – XXL
  • U10 – XL
  • 10 / 15 – L
  • 16 / 20 – M
  • 21 / 30 – S
  • S&B (Soft and Broken)

Enjoy Spencer Gulf King Prawns

When you eat our Spencer Gulf King Prawns you can really taste the difference. We follow sustainable farming practices to ensure we have the highest quality catch… so you get the highest quality flavour.

To maintain the quality and freshness of our products, all Dinko Seafood products are stored in our vacuum-sealed cryovac bags, then packed and transported in styrofoam eskies at -60 degrees celsius.

While we sell Dinko Seafood products at wholesale prices, small orders can become expensive when these specialised transport costs are added. To enjoy better value for money, we recommend placing orders of 5kg or more.

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