Ship and boat harvesting tuna

Dinko Seafoods is widely recognised as a pioneer of the global bluefin tuna farming industry. We know the gold standard… because we created it.

Our innovative catching, ranching and harvesting techniques deliver Southern Bluefin Tuna that is rich in flavour and superior in quality.

Our seafood produce – Southern Bluefin Tuna, Spencer Gulf King Prawns and Australian Sardines – is ocean fresh, quality Australian produce.

Ships harvesting tuna

A tuna farming institution

Dinko Seafoods is a proud family-owned and operated seafood business based in Port Lincoln, South Australia. We harvest our premium seafood products from the pristine waters of the Eyre Peninsula – home to 70% of South Australia’s total seafood catch.

We’ve called the region home since 1966 when Dinko Lukin first started his tuna farming operations.

When Dinko Lukin passed away in July 2011, his wife Lukina Lukin continued the operations… and Dinko’s legacy as the pioneer of the catching and ranching method of tuna farming.

Our business story runs much deeper than a premium quality tuna product. We are harvesters who care deeply about the industry we have operated in for more than 40 years.

We own and manage our fishing vessels and state-of-the-art processing factory. We take care at every stage of the tuna farming process to keep our standards high. From water to plate, quality and safety are top of mind.

From the very beginning, innovation has been a driving force in our business. It always has been. It is always will be.

Packed and sealed sliced Tuna

Premium quality... superior taste

We know what good tuna should taste like. It should be luxurious and tender when eaten raw, and a silky, satin texture when grilled. Every time you eat a piece of Dinko Southern Bluefin Tuna, that’s what you’ll get.

And that doesn’t happen by chance.

Our Southern Bluefin Tuna (also known as SBT) enjoy a nutrient rich diet as they undertake their annual migration across the Great Australian Bight, chasing prolific baitfish.

When we catch the tuna, we feed them on a diet of MSC certified sustainable sardines and a natural nutritional feed supplement, to ensure they have the flavour and texture of wild fish… while also increasing their fat content.

Fresh Bluefin Tuna

Ocean fresh, all year round

We take every care to preserve the natural flavour and freshness of the Bluefin Tuna from water to plate.

Our Southern Bluefin Tuna is frozen fresh within hours of harvest, removing the need for any harmful gases or preservatives to be used.

We use our innovative super freezing technology to guarantee culinary excellence and freshness. We freeze the bluefin tuna to minus 60 degrees Celsius at our purpose-built processing facility, locking in the ocean fresh flavour and texture.

We harvest Southern Bluefin Tuna from April to July each year. Because of our innovative super freezing technology, we can supply premium quality tuna all year round.

Ship and boats at the ocean

Ethically and sustainably sourced seafood

We are deeply committed to protecting the natural environment. We use ethical and certified sustainable tuna farming practices so that future generations can enjoy the superior quality and flavour of Southern Bluefin Tuna.

All of our seafood produce comes from regulated Australian waters. And we follow strict industry quotas and best environmental practices to keep tuna stocks at a healthy level.

We are committed to doing our part in keeping fish stocks healthy. That’s why we feed our Bluefin Tuna on a diet of premium, sustainable MSC certified South Australian sardines.  Our tuna are fed on fresh sardines within hours of capture. The rich natural diet helps our catch to grow in size, maximising the quality of their flesh.

And when it comes time to harvest, we use a Japanese method known as ‘iki jime’ (brain spiked) to humanely euthanise the tuna stock. This process is done within 10 seconds of the tuna leaving the water, helping to minimise stress and maximise quality.

Enjoy ocean fresh Southern Bluefin Tuna

Our premium sashimi-grade Bluefin Tuna is super frozen within hours of harvest to lock in its natural freshness and flavour. Simply defrost and serve ocean fresh Southern Bluefin Tuna at home… any night of the week.

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