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At Dinko Tuna, we are proud of our heritage and excited for our future. We love the tuna industry and sharing our premium products with retailers, restaurants and consumers alike.

Enjoy our wholesale Bluefin Tuna, with tuna steak, tuna portions, tuna loin and whole fish all available for wholesale purchase. Once you taste Dinko Tuna, you’ll never try anything else.


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Premium quality... always

At Dinko Tuna, we pioneered the method of Bluefin Tuna farming that has gone on to become the international gold standard. Since our early days as innovators and leaders, we have continued to lead the industry with superior quality products.

We sell sashimi-grade tuna directly to you, cutting out the middleman and saving you time and money. You can be guaranteed of the quality and flavour you are getting from our Australian farmed Bluefin Tuna.

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Frozen as fresh

When we say we are leaders and innovators, we really mean it. Our focus on innovation flows through every corner of our business. It’s what saw us develop our super freezing method, which allows us to offer you the freshest Bluefin Tuna fish… all year round.

Our tuna is frozen within hours of harvest to preserve the flavour of the fish. We don’t rely on any heavy gases to preserve the fish.

By using the super freezing technology, it ensures you won’t get any preservatives or additives… and when you defrost our Bluefin Tuna, it looks, tastes and feels as if it was caught fresh today. Whether you buy tuna during the harvest period from April to July or at any other time of the year, you will always get the same consistent quality.

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Sustainably farmed

We have been farming Southern Bluefin Tuna from the pristine waters of the Eyre Peninsula on the coast of South Australia since 1992. Our founder, Dinko Lukin, was a pioneer in the industry, dedicated to ensuring a sustainable supply of Bluefin Tuna for future generations.

We are committed to following strict industry quotas to keep tuna stock levels healthy. At every stage of the tuna farming process, we adhere to environmental best practice. From the time we head out in our fishing vessels to when we process the tuna at our state-of-the-art facility, quality and safety are paramount.

That’s why we use our innovative tuna farming process to capture wild caught tuna and feed them to increase their fat content and weight before harvest. This keeps the numbers that we take from the wild in check and means that we can produce a superior quality seafood product.

Enjoy the superior quality of Dinko Southern Bluefin Tuna

When you get your Southern Bluefin Tuna from Dinko Tuna, you are buying direct from the farmer, with quality guaranteed.

Contact us to discuss your wholesale tuna requirements and discover why Dinko Tuna is the industry leader in Southern Bluefin Tuna.


“We’ve used Dinko Tuna for several years. The quality is always fresh and rich in flavour. The tuna sashimi gives a wonderful taste to dishes, using low temperature cooking methods or grill. I highly recommend Dinko Tuna.”

Jae, Executive Chef Bai Long, Adelaide SA

“We began using Dinko Spencer Gulf King Prawns many years ago. Previously, we’d tried other brands but we found the Spencer Gulf prawns offered the most consistent quality and size. We wouldn’t hesitate in recommending them.”

Audreen Lee, Owner, Concubine, Adelaide SA

“The Bluefin Tuna loins from Dinko Tuna are the best I’ve experienced in my 37 years as a chef. The packaging allows ease of storage and use within the kitchen. The consistency of the product is second to none; we can produce fresh dishes all year round. I have no hesitation in recommending the Bluefin Tuna; you will not be disappointed.”

Kris Bunder, Chef/Owner, Del Giorno's, Port Lincoln SA

“The quality of the Bluefin Tuna and King Prawn has been consistently awesome, as if it’s come fresh from the sea, allowing our chefs to create a variety of dishes. The freshness of the tuna sashimi is regularly complimented. The packaging allows for easy storage.”

Jessica Teoh, Director, Pacific Sea Urchin, Waverly VIC


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