Delicious Spencer Gulf King Prawns

Worker cleaning the prawns

Prawns are ubiquitous in Australian cuisine, from sizzling winter dishes to fresh summer appetizers. With so many species of prawns found in Australia, it can be hard to decide which prawns are right for you.

While all prawns caught in Australia make for fantastic eating, Spencer Gulf King Prawns are in a league of their own.

View of a prawn trawler boom arm with otter boards and bottom trawling nets at sunset on the fishing grounds

Sustainable trawling

Most Australian prawn species inhabit tropical and subtropical waters, but only some types of prawns are caught commercially. Generally living from 1.5 – 3 years, Spencer Gulf King Prawns hatch at sea then spend their juvenile months in shallow, nutrient-rich waters before returning to deeper waters to mate.

While caught throughout Australia, the most sustainable trawling of Spencer Gulf King Prawns occurs in South Australia, thanks to the healthy stock in the area.

The area of seabed trawled comprises mainly mud and sand, with areas less than 10m in depth closed to protect seagrass beds. We also limit the amount of seabed that we trawl, to ensure the overall footprint is low.

Dinko Seafoods have been fishing for Spencer Gulf King Prawns off the coast of South Australia for more than fifty years, and are committed to the sustainability of Spencer Gulf King Prawns and the industry.

Harvested only on selected nights throughout the year, dependent on the moon phase, we analyse regular surveys of fishing areas to assess the size of the prawns before catching. If we find prawns that are too small to be caught, we close that area and seek an alternative location with larger sized prawns.

We are a self-managed fishery, regarded as the best type of fishery in Australia, if not the world. The result is premium Spencer Gulf King Prawns and a sustainable supply for generations to come.

Man organizing boxes of Frozen King prawns

Available for order

Harvested in the months of November and December, as well as March to June each year, our prawns are MSC certified and European Union accredited and are sold throughout Australia and exported overseas all year round. This is thanks to our onboard freezing technology.

Snap frozen on board the vessel that catches them, our prawns are frozen as fresh, maintaining their taste and nutritional value.

Available in the following sizes, as either cooked or raw, our Western King Prawns are soft and sweet, and absolutely delicious to eat.

Jumbo: U6
XL: U10
L: 10/15
M: 16/20
S: 21/30
S&B: Soft and broken

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