Dinko Seafood hampers: delivered to you

Experience Australia’s finest Southern Bluefin Tuna and Spencer Gulf prawns from the comfort of your own home, with seafood hampers delivered to you.

With four different hampers available for purchase, you’re sure to find something the family will love. Try your hand at sashimi and sushi, poke bowls and salads, with Australia’s finest Southern Bluefin Tuna.

Different Packs of Tuna lover hampers

The Tuna Lover Hamper

Bringing together a 10kg selection of delicious tuna cuts, our Tuna Lover Hamper is perfect for families, caterers, or those who simply can’t get enough of Dinko’s fresh Southern Bluefin Tuna. From melt-in-your-mouth otoro (the Wagyu of the sea), to  steak portions and akami pieces, this hamper is perfect for tuna lovers… all year round.

Your hamper includes:

  • Tuna steak – 10-12 portions (120-200g portions)
  • Saku block – 10-12 pieces (120-200g pieces)
  • Akami – 5 pieces (400g pieces)
  • Tuna belly – 5 pieces (400g pieces)
  • 100% otoro – 6-8 pieces (250-450g pieces)
Packed Fresh premium tuna hampers

The Premium Hamper

Ten kilograms of the most sought after tuna cuts are brought together in the Premium Hamper, for those who consider themselves tuna connoisseurs. With the highest quality tuna steak, Saku block and 100% otoro, this hamper is the crème de la crème of Southern Bluefin Tuna.

Your hamper includes:

  • Tuna steak – 15 portions (120-200g portions)
  • Saku block – 20 pieces (150-200g pieces)
  • 100% otoro – 10 pieces (250-450g pieces)
Different packaging of Tuna Value hampers

The Value Hamper

The Value Hamper includes 10kg of high-quality tuna cuts at a premium value. With both akami and tuna belly pieces, you can enjoy the melt-in-your-mouth decadence of Southern Bluefin Tuna from the comfort of your own home.

Your hamper includes:

  • Akami – 12 pieces (400g pieces)
  • Tuna belly – 12 pieces (400g pieces)
Different packages of Tuna and Prawn hamper

The Tuna and Prawn Value Hamper

With 10kg of the highest quality Southern Bluefin Tuna, plus delicious Spencer Gulf prawns, the mixed Tuna and Prawn Hamper is ideal for seafood lovers. With premium prawns, akami, tuna belly and tuna steak portions, this hamper will take your culinary endeavours to the next level.

Your hamper includes:

  • Akami – 5 pieces (400g pieces)
  • Tuna belly – 5 pieces (400g pieces)
  • Tuna steak – 10-12 portions (120-200g portions)
  • Spencer Gulf Prawns – 8 bags (500g per bag)

How is our tuna packed and delivered?

Frozen within hours of harvest using our super freezing technology, all portions are stored in our vacuum-sealed cryovac bags, packed in styrofoam eskies at -60oC, so you get the freshest bluefin tuna… all year round!

Our hampers are packed in portions, ready to pop straight in the freezer or thaw if you’re ready to use them. Free from all preservatives and additives, when you defrost your Southern Bluefin Tuna, it looks, tastes and feels as if it was caught fresh today!

Whether you buy tuna during the harvest period from April to July or at any other time of the year, you will always get the same consistent quality.

Delivery details

Once an order is placed, hampers will be packed and shipped on the first available flight (if required). Generally, hampers will be delivered within 3-5 days of purchase.

Hampers are available to be collected from the following locations:


Adelaide Farmers market
Dinko Seafoods Port Lincoln

New South Wales:

Sydney Airport


Brisbane Airport
Gold Coast Airport
Sunshine Coast Airport

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As pioneers in global tuna farming practice, we use a self-managed and sustainable approach to all our processes. Passionate about ensuring a sustainable future for the fish we farm, our fishing practices are all about sustainability – we want many generations to come to enjoy them as much as we do.

The result for you is a premium quality product, every time.

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