A guide to making sashimi at home

Buy sashimi-grade Southern Bluefin Tuna online and experience the decadence of one of the world’s most renowned delicacies at home.

Using this simple guide and Dinko Seafoods Southern Bluefin Tuna portions, tuna steak or tuna loin, you can make restaurant-quality sashimi to share with your friends and family.

Perfect sashimi in eight simple steps

1. Each carton of Dinko Southern Bluefin Tuna contains an akami (top) loin and a toro (bottom) loin. Southern Bluefin Tuna is special but fragile; care in handling will ensure the best eating is guaranteed.

2. Remove loins from Dinko Seafoods carton and place in    0-4 ̊C refrigeration, still in the cryovac bags, for 12–15 hours.

3. Dry each piece of tuna with a paper towel.

4. Remove any blood meat – called the blood line – within the tuna piece. The blood line is the very dark red (almost black) meat that you will see on the edge of the tuna. Using a very sharp knife, cut any dark meat away from the rest of the tuna and discard.

5. Cut the remaining tuna into 2cm x 4cm pieces, as long as the piece allows. Try to get them as uniform as possible without having too much waste. Once you have the pieces, you are able to slice them into sashimi pieces. Each slice should be 5mm thick and as uniform as possible.

6. Arrange the sashimi pieces on a platter with a side dish of wasabi, soy sauce or try Carl Semmler’s spicy garnish.

7. If you are not serving immediately, place in the fridge, well covered.

8. For any unused tuna, make sure you use our thawing guide to make sure you are storing it correctly.

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